Horst - Rooms
I`m dreaming on

I wake up early in the morning
feel the sunbeams on my face
my eyes closed feel the warming
I don`t want to change this place
and outside the birds are singing
greetings from a fresh new day
I don`t know what this day will bring me
fall into a dream and slip away
and I`ll slowly slip away, slowly slip away..
this road is wide and endless
I`m passing mountains rivers fields
here are people full of kindness
open hearts I can see and feel
and the sun shines high above me
all my sorrows are far behind
pretty angels flying with me
and the wind blows on my side
and I slowly slip away..
yeah I `m dreaming on
yeah I`m dreaming on
I`m passing cities clean and calm
with colored buildings and fresh air
happy children playing in the gardens
older ones swinging in their chairs
there`s no pain no fear no sadness
everyone who will take care
of all creation and the nature
and our future everywhere
and I slowly...
I want you

rain is falling the northwind blows
the night is dark I`m on this empty road
the country sleeps and who will know
how much I got from this heavy load
I want you I want you
I want you I want you I want you so
I`m driving fast down to the coast
I think about what I need the most
I need no money you should know
I only want you wherever I go
I want you...
this night is long how will it be
when the morning comes and you see me
I`ll take your hand please stay with me
believe my words and you will see
I want you...
the rain has stopped stars standing high
the morning rises with an open sky
no shadows take me there`s a light
the bad dream ends and so the night
I want you...
Horst`s blues

a cold winter in the mountains
shadows spread long long
dark and deep
red are the rocks just like the sky
soon the sun goes to sleep
oh baby please stay
here next to me in the hour
when the blues walk in
the church bell rings for a count
of five the blue hour shows that
The evening arrives smoke rises
from the roofs high and white
through the windows shines
a deep blue light
oh baby...
The hills and fields are covered
with snow through the trees
I can hear as a cold wind blows
blue is the spirit silence
all around when the fog falls
deep falls heavy on the ground
oh baby...

I need a room where I can live-
give-with heaven above-where
I can laugh I need rooms
rooms to move
I need a room where I can be loud-
proud-where nothing hurts-without
any words I need rooms...
I need a room a room to be quiet
-to feel allright-where I can see-
feel free- where I can be
oh oh I need rooms...
I need a room where I can play-
Pray-walk-talk I need rooms
I need a room a room for the night-
where I can write- read-eat
I need rooms...
I need a room where I can be strong-
wrong - for every season-reason -
where I can be
Oh oh I need rooms
I need a room where I can be cool-
be a fool- wild - child
I need rooms
I need a room where I can be sad-
I need rooms...
I need a room where I can be crazy-
I need rooms...
Oh oh I need rooms...
oh well ( Peter Green )

I can`t help about the shape I`m in
I can`t sing I ain`t pretty and my legs are thin
well don`t ask me what I think of you
I might not give the answer that you want me to
now when I talk to god I know he`d understand
he said stick by me and I`ll be your guiding hand
Well don`t ask...
No one by my side

I`m standing here in this dirty bar
wondering why I`m here
it`s middle of the night cold outside
and I feel like I`m in a hole yeah
I think about your last words you said
about all that I have done wrong
I always tried to be a good man
to be honest and strong
help me help me make it trough the night
I remember the words my teacher said to me
when I was just a kid the road will end soon
for someone like you you have to serve not lead
first I learned how to serve then how to lead
I climbed the long stairs to get what I want
and all what I need yeah
help me...
standing here with no one by my side
I worked hard all these years and found my way
it wasn`t easy to do the right things
I never want to be a beggar a thief hanging
alone under a bridge now I lost all that I loved
all that I love and need the sun doesn`t shine
now I am blind and my eyes are full of tears
help me...

I look out at the horizon I look
out to sea see the white line
where heaven could be
I count the waves one two three
see the white crasted waves as
they come to me I feel the wind
a breeze in my face the salty air
I love every breath
come with me seaside
come with me feel free
come with me seaside
you will feel feel so free
the wind designs and forms the
sand every grain in its place
yeah nature`s hand
the waves slip along licking my
toes rushing and bubbling the
good feeling grows steps in the
water a wave arrives rush my
legs oh yeah Im alive
set my footprints they won`t
last long the water arrives
the stream is to strong
come with me
I begin to fall silent losing my
words hear only the nature and
nothing disturbs the wind and
the water like music it sounds
heaven is open and nothing else
counts my thoughts arise and
climb most high all is aglow
as bright as the sky I open
my heart let the feeling shine in
spread out my arms my flight
come with me...
Every minute

I`m searching high
I`m searching low everywhere I go
I`m running fast
I`m running slow on every road you know
I`m looking forward
looking back there`s something on the track
I`m feeling strong
I`m hanging on sometimes like a wreck
every minute
every hour seconds weeks or years
every minute
every hour I`m looking for your love
some nights are hot
some nights are cold
and some very old
the sky is far
the sky is near and sometimes colored gold
the river flows
where he goes does he really know
and so the wind when he blows
what answer will he know
every minute...
I read the books
I look the news the information flows
I hear the young ones
I hear the old everybody knows
I find the good
I find the bad all I can get
I see the rich
I see the poor sometimes very sad
every minute...
Storybook love ( Willy DeVille )

come my love I`ll tell you a tale
of a boy and girl and their love story
and how he loved her oh so much
and all the charms she did possess
now this did happen once upon a time
when things were not so complex
and how he worshipped the ground she walked on
when he looked in her eyes he became obsessed
my love is like a storybook story
but it`s as real as the feelings I feel
my love is like a storybook story
but it`s as real as the feelings I feel
this love was stronger than the powers so dark
a prince could have within his keeping
his spells to weave and steal a heart
within her breast but only sleeping
my love is like...
he said" don`t you know I love you oh so much
and lay my heart at the foot of your dress"
she said" don`t you know that storybook loves
always have a happy ending"
then he swooped her up just like in the books
and on his stallion they rode away
my love is like...
I love you forever

the night comes my darling look into the sky
see the moon and the stars standing so high
they are watching you for the whole night
when you sleep with a smile in the moonlight
close your eyes darling I stroke your hand
when the sandman walks in with his sand
come my darling and count the sheeps
count also the lambs then you will sleep
and I want you to know before you sleep
I love you I love you I love you so deep
and I want you to know ever and ever
I love you I love I love you forever
thank you for this good day now I want to pray
that all fairies and angels give you shelter
on your way now my darling I wish you sweet dreams
tomorrow morning we`ll find out what they mean
and I want you to know when you awake
here is always my hand you can take
and I want you to know ever and ever
I love you I love I love you forever

© - Impressum